The Norway Grants are funded by Norway alone and consists of 1.3 billion euros during the 2014-2021 funding period. The Norway Grants are allocated to the 13 countries which joined the EEA after 2004, namely Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and Slovenia..

The goals of these grants are to contribute to a more equal Europe, both socially and economically, to increase cooperation between the beneficiary and donor countries, and to strengthen the relations between Norway and the 13 beneficiary countries in Europe. The main objective of the Grants is to reduce social and economic disparities and strengthen bilateral relations. This strengthens the internal market, leading to a more prosperous Europe.

As examples of topics and programmes are Fund for Youth Employment, Innovation, Research, Education and Competitiveness, Social Inclusion, Youth Employment and Poverty Reduction, Environment, Energy, Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy, etc.

A wide range of entities can participate as donor project partners under the Norway Grants, any public or private entity, commercial or non-commercial as well as non-governmental entities, registered as legal entities in Norway can become a donor project partner. Each project can have several partners involved.

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Donor country:  Norway (Norway Grants)

Program Operator: UEFISCDI, Collaborative Research Projects – Norway Grants Call 2019

Project Registration Code: RO-NO-2019-0428

Contract number: 12/2020

Project Budget: 1.159.956 euro

Project duration: 42 months (September 2020 – April 2024)



University of Bucharest (UB), Bucharest, Romania (Project Promotor)

University of Oslo (UiO), Oslo, Norway (Project Partner)



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ionelia Panea (UB, Principal Investigator)

Prof. Dr. Carmen Gaina (UiO, Team Leader)